High-Quality Air Compressor Spare Parts at Competitive Prices

Alternative Spare parts for Hamworthy, Hatlapa, J. P. Sauer & Sohn and Sperre Air Compressors Shipped

Boasting years of experience developing and exporting air compressor spare parts, we have a vast stock of high-quality components, fully compatible with all major air compressor manufacturers, and we speedily deliver them at competitive prices worldwide.

Spare Parts for All Major Air Compressor Manufacturers

We can swiftly provide components of O.E.M. specifications and maintenance kits for air compressor models of all leading manufacturers.

We also have spare parts for all main Tanabe Air Compressors models, which also enables us to offer complete alternative machine opportunities.

Air Compressor Parts We Offer

We can provide any of the primary or secondary components of an air compressor, all fully complying with international standards and specifications.

From fully functioning electric motors, pumps, pistons or receivers (both vertical and horizontal), of various sizes and capacities, to pistons, pulleys, valves and pressure cylinders — no matter what you need, we can swiftly locate it in our stock and ship it without unnecessary delays.

Speedy Shipment & Delivery

Our immense stock allows us to promptly reply to customer inquiries, typically giving an offer, concluding the order and shipping the requested air compressor spare part within 24 hours!

Competitive Prices & Advantages

Our spare parts are carefully manufactured to replicate the design and function of any genuine air compressor part, thus affording substantial advantages to our clients: 

  • Cost-effectiveness: Offered at considerably lower prices than the O.E.M. components, our air compressor spare parts are a much more cost-effective option, reducing your overall maintenance or repair cost.
  • Availability: Our spare parts are typically more readily available than O.E.M., especially regarding older or less commonly used air compressor models. This makes it easier for you to quickly get the component you need and conclude your repairs as fast as possible.
  • Quality Control Procedure: ZEDMAR spare parts are widely acknowledged for their prime quality, durability and faultless performance, ensuring the best possible operation of your air compressor unit and prolonging your installation’s life cycle.
  • Warranty: All of our spare parts come with a warranty, providing peace of mind to our clients.
  • Ensuring Excellent Operation: To make sure that our air compressor spare parts are and will remain in excellent state, we store them following the instructions of the mother company and verify their operational condition through thorough testing.

After-Sales & Maintenance Services

In addition, we undertake the maintenance of ship compressors, providing most of the overhauling and spare kits recommended by the mother company but at significantly lower prices.

The whole process is performed by a team of skilled and fully trained engineers specialised in reconditioning and overhauling air compressors.

Why Us

Certain values infuse every aspect of our company. Our unwavering commitment to them has been the key factor to our constant development.

  • Quality: Delivering high-quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations is our top priority.
  • Reliability: Staying true to our word, being clear in our terms, and abiding by our delivery dates has built our reputation as an international spare parts provider.
  • Customer service: We believe that providing excellent customer service is the best promotion of our brand, building loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction. That is why we strive to ensure prompt response times, helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives, as well as warranties on our spare parts.
  • Constant Improvement: In our minds, complacency is the first step to failure. Hence, we always try to further develop and improve our services.

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