Alternative Spare Parts for Westfalia Purifiers

Fully compatible Equivalent Spare Parts for Westfalia Purifiers


Westfalia centrifugal purifiers have dominated the marine industry for years, but they are also extensively used in the energy sector, as well as in land-based and offshore oil production facilities and rigs.

Regardless of the nature of their application, their vital operation is possible only when they are repaired and maintained with spare parts of top design precision and resilience.

This is where ZEDMAR steps in, offering alternative Westfalia Purifier Spare Parts that are both reliable and cost-effective.

Experts in Alternative Spare Parts for Westfalia Purifiers

Making the most of 30 years of experience in centrifuge purifier technology and using the latest technology in our niche, ZEDMAR provides worldwide perfectly compatible spare parts for any Westfalia purifier at competitive prices. Hence, we make it possible for the owner to reduce drastically the corresponding repair cost without compromising the performance of the unit.

Specifically, our stock houses all principal and secondary spare parts with O.E.M. specifications for the following Westfalia centrifugal purifiers:


Being able to create alternative spare parts with such precision in terms of dimensions and overall design for any Westfalia marine purifier, we already offer our clients an unbeatable advantage.

But we do more than that for you.

Full Range of Westfalia-Compatible Spare Parts

Marine centrifugal purifiers, power plant purifiers, drilling purifiers—they all suffer failures and breakdowns at critical moments, usually due to overwhelming workload. Finding reliable Westfalia Purifier Spare Parts and repairing the unit fast is essential to restore operations.

But that is feasible only if the necessary spare parts of O.E.M. specifications are available and ready to be shipped. Ours are, at all times, whenever you will need them.

Our stock includes a full range of Westfalia-compatible spare parts, both primary, like

  • separator bowls,
  • spindles,
  • brakes,
  • chamber covers,
  • centripetal pumps,
  • sensing liquid pumps etc.

… and secondary, like

  • drive belts,
  • gaskets,
  • screws,
  • nuts
  • and rubber-metal cushions.

In addition to Westfalia Purifier Spare Parts, we provide Westfalia maintenance kits [link], Westfalia sets of bowl/hood spare parts [link], and sets of drives spares 50Hz or 60Hz [link].

Our well-planned production line allows our inventory to be regularly restocked, and there lies the key to our next competitive advantage…

Zero Delays

Having always available the purifier spare parts you may need, it is easy for us to check your order, respond with an offer and dispatch the required items usually within the same day, minimising the disruption to your operation and the related damage to your company.

Easy & Flawless Integration    

Our aftermarket purifier spare parts conform to international standards and specifications of the original maker.

Consequently, they are easy to install and integrate into your Westfalia unit without comparability or performance issues.

Our production line includes a painstaking quality control process, as well as partnerships with specialised manufacturers: all metal parts are produced within the EU, the ball bearings we use are manufactured by major international brands, SKF, FAG, KOYO, NTN, and NSK, while solenoid valves manufactured by BURKERT, TRAFAG and other global brands.

Centrifugal Purifier Maintenance & Repair Services

Our premises include a fully equipped centrifuge purifier workshop, where we conduct repairs and maintenance for any Westfalia purifier using our own spare parts and a team of certified and experienced engineers.

Trust us with the service of your centrifuge purifier, and we will deliver it back again in top shape as fast as possible.


After-Sales Services & Warranty

We are confident about the materials we use, our experienced teams, and our advanced technology. Still, in ZEDMAR, perpetual testing and quality control checks are a must.

Again and again, our technicians examine and test our centrifugal purifier spare parts to confirm their Westfalia compatibility, sturdiness, and functionality.

That’s how we became a leader in our industry and how we manage to fulfil any client’s wishes and expectations. And that’s why we provide all the necessary documents, certifications and warranties with our shipments.

In the meantime, knowledgeable representatives are available 24/7 to share advice and information regarding our services, your orders or anything pertaining to our purifier spare parts.

Contact us today and learn more about our Westfalia Purifier spare parts and services or to place an order.