Top-Notch Centrifuge Purifier Spare Parts at Reasonable Prices

Equivalent Spare parts for Alfa Laval & Gea Westfalia Centrifuge Purifiers

Centrifugal purifiers, or centrifugal purifiers, play a key role in several business sectors to purify liquids from particles or substances of different densities.

Using centrifuge force produced by high-velocity rotation, a centrifuge purifier plays a vital part in offshore oil drilling rigs and land-based facilities, as well as energy-generating plants — all complex installations operating incessantly and constantly demanding top performance. Therefore, repairs and maintenance are a challenging feat that requires caution and top-notch spare parts.

We design and ship purifier spare parts all over the world compatible with Alfa Laval and Gea Westfalia centrifuge purifiers, harnessing advanced computer technology and making the most of our considerable experience in the field. 

Modelled on O.E.M. specifications and boasting immaculate functionality, our purifier spare parts are excellent yet cost-effective, considerably decreasing maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, our prompt dispatches curtail downtime, cutting losses and allowing the fastest restoration of your installation. 

Spare Parts for Alfa Laval & Gea Westfalia Centrifugal Purifiers

We are committed to providing perfectly working alternative spare parts with O.E.M. specifications for any Alfa Laval and Gea Westfalia purifier. We ensure each of them functions the same way as the ones made by the mother company, taking into account their material, size, and task.

Once you place a spare parts order, we will swiftly dispatch them without unnecessary delays.

Available Purifier Parts

Our inventory includes both main and minor spare parts of Gea Westfalia and Alfa Laval purifiers conforming with O.E.M. specifications and quality standards, from whole reconditioned centrifugal purifiers to such as lock rings, gaskets, and friction elements. 

Speedy Shipment

With such a vast and regularly restocked inventory, we are able to cater to your spare parts needs and fast ship them, usually within 24 hours.  

Our storage premises are well-equipped and designed to safely store our centrifugal purifier spare parts and keep them in shipshape condition.

Reasonable Prices & Dependable Purifier Spare Parts  

Our aftermarket purifier spare parts are developed and manufactured in such a way that enables you to carry on your purifying operations a.s.a.p., with your unit proving equally productive.

Offering aftermarket purifier spare parts at a lower cost than the original ones means reduced repair and maintenance time and costs without compromising the performance of your installation.

Readily available, our Alfa Laval- and Gea Westfalia-compatible spare parts are tested repeatedly through a strict quality control procedure that ensures their operational reliability, sturdiness, and spotless performance.

Naturally, our purifier spare parts come with a warranty and related material quality certifications.  

After-Sales, Repair & Maintenance Services

What is more, using ZEDMAR’s aftermarket spare parts, we carry out repairs and maintenance of any Alfa Laval and Gea Westfalia purifier at our facilities. Our skilled engineers ensure that your centrifuge purifier will soon work perfectly again.

Why Us?

Simply because, from day one, we stick to our values:  

  • Prime Quality: Providing top-quality centrifugal purifier spare parts that serve your need for sustainable yet high performance.
  • Dependability: We prioritise fulfilling to the letter the terms of our agreements and sticking to our estimated shipping dates while testing our spare parts to verify their quality.  
  • Customer-oriented services: We strive to understand your needs and constantly improve our services, even if you are already perfectly satisfied with them.  

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