Alternative Spare Parts for Alfa Laval Purifiers

ZEDMAR designs & provides cost-effective and fully compatible spare parts for Alfa Laval Purifiers.


Nowadays, Alfa Laval centrifugal purifiers are used primarily in the marine industry and oil production but can also be found in other sectors, including power stations, rigs and drilling facilities, both on land and offshore.

In all cases, they play a critical role and must be kept in an excellent state. This, of course, requires regular maintenance and unavoidable repairs, as well as robustly built and highly dependable spare parts.

Expertise in Equivalent Spare Parts for Alfa Laval Purifiers

Mastering centrifuge purifying technology for more than three decades, ZEDMAR creates perfectly compatible spare parts for Alfa Laval purifiers, allowing the owner to lower the maintenance cost significantly but keep the unit in superb condition.

Namely, our inventory is fully equipped with primary and secondary spare parts of O.E.M. specification for the following Alfa Laval centrifuge purifiers:

SERIESPA / PU100-150-605-600-610-615–625-636
SERIESS / SA / SU200/300/400/500/600/700/800
SERIESS / SA / SU811/815/816/820/821/825/826
SERIESS / SA / SU830/831/835/836/840/841/845/846
SERIESS / SA / SU850/851/855/856/860/861/865/866
SERIESS / SA/ SU870/871/875/876/880/881/885/886
SERIESS / SA / SU921/926/927/928/936/937/938/946/947/948
SERIESS / SA / SU956/957/958/966/967/968/976/977/978/986/987/988

Our ability to replicate with such accuracy the size, function, materials and specifications of any Alfa Laval purifier component makes it possible to preserve or restore the unit’s functionality and performance—but at a considerably lower cost.

Still, we offer much more than reliable Alfa Laval Purifier Spare Parts.

Comprehensive Range – Instantly Available

Purifier repairs usually come up at critical moments. Speed is of the essence and is only possible if Alfa Laval Purifier Spare Parts are readily available.

ZEDMAR boasts a vast inventory of all major parts for any Alfa Laval purifier. We make sure to supply our stock constantly and have readily available for our clients anything they may need:

  • Whole reconditioned purifiers
  • Distributors
  • Top discs
  • Bowl discs, gravity discs
  • Centrifuge purifier bowls
  • Fans
  • Inlet pipes
  • Oil pumps

But we can also ship at all times any secondary component required for an Alfa Laval purifier, such as:

  • Flat belts
  • Friction elements (blocks, couplings 50Hz or 60 Hz)
  • Gaskets
  • Nozzles
  • Seal rings & lock rings
  • Springs
  • Valve plugs

We also assemble tailored Alfa Laval–compatible intermediate and inspection service kits, support kits, overhaul, and major service kits.

Our comprehensive inventory of Alfa Laval Purifier Spare Parts is precisely why we can guarantee instant availability at all times for our clients; In most cases, we dispatch the ordered purifier spare parts no more than 24 hours after the order confirmation by the client.

This, in turn, can only be good news for their operation and general repair and maintenance expenses.

Seamless Installation – Top Efficiency   

Our alternative Alfa Laval purifier spare parts comply fully with O.E.M. standards and specifications, which enables them to integrate seamlessly into the unit and restore its efficiency to the full.

Key to our manufacturing process is our innovative 3D computer design and a strict quality control process, as well as strategic partnerships with specialised manufacturers for specific secondary spare parts.

All of our metal parts are produced within the EU, and we use ball bearings made by SKF, FAG, KOYO, NTN, NSK, and other major brands, and solenoid valves manufactured by ASCO, BURKERT and other global brands.

Centrifuge Purifier Maintenance & Repair Services

ZEDMAR’s team of engineers and specialised technicians also provide complete maintenance and repair services for your Alfa Laval marine purifier at our premises. Throughout the work, strict compliance with international directives, standards and specifications is our top priority.


Tests, Warranty & After-Sales Services

ZEDMAR has built a reputation of top-class quality for both its purifier spare parts and services because it takes nothing for granted.

Our team constantly inspects and tests our centrifuge purifier spare parts to verify their design compatibility and structural tolerance and thus make sure that they will operate as they are supposed to when you install them into your Alfa Laval unit.

Due to our strict inspection and testing standards, we have no problem providing a warranty for any of our spare parts, be it for marine centrifugal Purifiers, power plant Purifiers, drilling Purifiers or other types of installations.

Needless to say, our representatives and qualified personnel are always available for information regarding any order, shipment or spare part.

Contact us today and learn more about our Alfa Laval Purifier spare parts and services, or to place an order.