Sperre Air Compressor Spare Parts

Alternative Spare Parts for Sperre Air Compressors – Competitive Prices, Fast Delivery

Sperre air compressors require spare parts of a certain quality to operate smoothly, and we provide them swiftly and at much lower prices than O.E.M. equivalents.

ZEDMAR has been a major developer and provider of marine air compressor spare parts for several years, offering cost-effective aftermarket solutions for all Sperre air compressors for power plants or for the marine industry.

Functioning exactly as their O.E.M. counterparts, our air compressor spare parts deliver efficiency, top performance, and seamless installation.

Sperre-Compatible Air Compressor Spare Parts

We offer you a complete range of Sperre-compatible spare parts, including maintenance kits, designed to ensure brilliant operation and a long life cycle for your air compressor installation.

Our facilities house a great stock of primary air compressor spare parts —cylinder liners, pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, valves etc.— along with all the necessary secondary components, like gaskets, bearings, and seals.

We also provide maintenance kits for Sperre marine air compressors or Sperre air compressors for power plants, equipped with essential replacement parts that allow you to conclude the maintenance of your marine air compressor at all times, keeping it in proper working state and saving precious time.

Our spare parts are thoroughly tested to ensure their quality and operational compatibility. That’s why we can guarantee top performance for your Sperre air compressor, as well as a long-duty cycle. 

Sperre models
LL 2/70, LL 2/90, LL 2/105, LL 2/120, LL 2/140, LL 2/160, HV 1/120, HV 1/140, HV 1/156, HV 1/156A, HV 2/200, HV 2/210, HV 2/218, HV 2/219, HV 2/220, HV 2/240, HV 2/270,HV 2/270A, HV 2/285, HV 2/300, HL 2/77, HL 2/90, HL 2/105, HL 2/120, HL 2/140, HL 2/160, HLF 2/77

Our regularly replenished stock of Sperre-compatible spare parts is the key to our fast shipments. Normally, we receive an order, send an offer, and ship the requested spare parts within 24 hours.

Known for their superior quality, our spare parts always come with a warranty and with excellent after-sales service, since engineers specially trained in air compressor reconditioning and overhauling offer technical support at all times.  

Sperre Air Compressor Maintenance Services

Our skilled team of engineers can also undertake repairs and maintenance for Sperre air compressors for power plants or ships, always observing any relevant Sperre instructions and specifications and making sure that your marine air compressor will perform again excellently.

Warranting Seamless Operation

Our quality control procedure is carefully designed to ensure compliance with Sperre specifications and international standards. That is why we are so confident about their operational integrity and high-standard performance.

First-Rate & Yet Economical Solutions

Seeking ways to lower the cost for ship owners and other industries that use air compressors extensively, ZEDMAR offers its customers a unique set of advantages. 

  1. Having a stellar reputation for creating top-class spare parts at lower prices than the original maker, ZEDMAR enables you to recondition and maintain your Sperre air compressor at a significantly reduced cost.
  1. Our air compressor units and spare parts are stored with the utmost caution, upholding all related regulations and standards. Therefore, you can rest assured that all ZEDMAR components delivered to your shipyard are readily available and in an excellent state, expediting your overhaul and maintenance work.
  1. Our services include after–sales services: on a 24/7 basis, we respond to any possible question regarding our Sperre–compatible spare parts (e. g., function, materials, instalment procedure etc.).

Devoted to Excellence

Truly devoted to excellence, ZEDMAR has secured its place as a leading provider of air compressor parts all over the world.

Our resolve to provide top-quality spare parts and stand by our customers with helpful and knowledgeable after-sales services has been the key to surpassing customers’ expectations.

Still, we firmly believe that constant growth breeds excellence. Besides, in our industry, client satisfaction is the best capital — and we constantly reinvest it in order to maximise it.

Contact Us today to learn more about our air compressor spare parts and services or to place an order. Allow us to ensure the performance and lifespan of your Sperre air compressor.