ZEDMAR has been a reputable provider of alternative spare parts of O.E.M. specifications for air compressors, centrifuge purifiers, and fresh water generators for years, allowing ship owners to recondition and overhaul their units at considerably lower costs but with the same performance standards.

We know how challenging the marine industry is. 

Operating in a harsh and dynamic environment, the marine industry is tormented by unpredictable weather conditions and challenging offshore environments, putting strain on both its crews and equipment. In addition, it is subject to stringent regulations and compliance requirements, both at the national and international levels. Complying with them is always complex and time-consuming, especially when it involves global operations.

Last but not least, the marine industry is highly influenced by technological developments, from vessel design to navigation systems and communication tools. Keeping up with them and incorporating them involves great investments, as well as constant training, which is also rather costly.

Marine equipment is highly complex and specialised — and most importantly, next to its personnel, it is its most important asset. Maintaining and operating them requires skilled technicians as well as proper maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

This is where we step in.

Fully understanding all these challenges, we provide you with alternative spare parts with O.E.M. specifications for:

Our advanced production lines, strict quality control procedures, considerable experience, and skilled engineers ensure you will get the alternative spare parts you need on time and at competitive prices.