Hamworthy Air Compressor Spare Parts

High-Quality Alternative Spare Parts for Hamworthy Air Compressors at Exceptional Prices & Speedily Delivered

Reliable and high-performing air compressor spare parts are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of your Hamworthy air compressors. At ZEDMAR, we understand the importance of using high-quality spare parts fully compatible with your equipment. And that’s why we offer a comprehensive range of spare parts of O.E.M. specifications for Hamworthy air compressors.

Our air compressor spare parts are designed to replicate the function of Hamworthy air compressor parts perfectly, ensuring maximum performance and longevity for your unit.

Hamworthy-Compatible Air Compressor Spare Parts

We offer a wide range of spare parts with O.E.M. specifications, both primary and secondary, as well as maintenance kits, ensuring at all times smooth operation for your Hamworthy air compressor.

We offer a full range of Hamworthy-compatible primary components that are crucial to the functioning of your compressor, including crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, cylinder liners, and valves.

We can also provide any type of secondary parts, such as gaskets, bearings, and seals, all equally vital for the proper operation of your Hamworthy compressor. At the same time, our maintenance kits contain everything you may need to keep your marine air compressor in excellent condition, from air filters and oil filters to separator elements.

Each ZEDMAR spare part is carefully designed to replicate the function of Hamworthy air compressor parts perfectly and thoroughly tested to ensure its functionality. 

Hamworthy Models
ALL V SERIES ( V150,V250,V375), 2TF5, 2TF54, 2TM6, 2TM61/2/3/7/8, 2MF6, 2SM44, 2SF3F, 2SF34F, 2SF4F, 2SF42F

Our extensive stock of Hamworthy-compatible spare parts allows us to respond quickly to client inquiries and orders. Most offers and orders are confirmed and sent within 24 hours of the initial inquiry, allowing you to receive the needed spare parts on time.

All ZEDMAR spare parts are manufactured to the highest standards and come with a warranty, while knowledgeable engineers are also available to provide technical after-sale support and help you keep your air compressor at its best.

Hamworthy Air Compressor Maintenance Services

Along with our spare parts, we also carry out ship compressor maintenance services, adhering to overhauling specifications and spare kits recommended by the original maker but at considerably lower rates.

Trust us to keep your marine air compressor in top condition.

Guaranteeing Flawless Operation

Before being shipped to you, all our air compressor spare parts undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are in perfect working condition.

We stand behind our products and guarantee flawless operation every time.

Cost-Effective Yet Excellent Performance

ZEDMAR spare parts are carefully modelled on Hamworthy’s design and specifications, thus guaranteeing for our customers:

  1. Lower Maintenance & Repair Cost: Reconditioning and repairing air compressor units with alternative spare parts substantially reduces the total ship maintenance and repair costs.
  1. Availability: Our range of Hamworthy – compatible spare parts are ready to be shipped on a 24/7 basis because of our vast and constantly replenished stock. As a result, repairs and maintenance can be concluded much faster and equally efficiently.
  1. Construction quality: Widely recognised for their first-rate quality, long operational life, and flawless operation, ZEMDAR spare parts deliver efficiency and high performance.
  1. Warranty: All Hamworthy – compatible spare parts are covered by warranty, proving our confidence in their operational state and engineering quality.
  1. After-sales service: Once our services and spare parts have been delivered, we remain available to answer any questions and provide clarifications and technical advice through our knowledgeable engineers.

Our Values

ZEDMAR has been founded on four core values that inspire its operation and drive its development from day one.

  1. Quality: Our number one goal is to provide Hamworthy – compatible spare parts of superior quality that exceed your expectations.
  1. Reliability: Staying true to our word, being transparent in our terms, and abiding by our delivery dates have built our reputation as a manufacturer.
  1. Customer service: We understand that providing excellent customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction is the most effective way of promoting our brand. To this end, we process your orders as fast as possible while ZEDMAR representatives keep you updated and answer all your questions.
  1. Constant Improvement: We believe that complacency sets a firm up for failure, no matter how accomplished it may be. So we are constantly working on both improving and expanding our services.

Contact us today to learn more about our air compressor spare parts and services or to place an order. Let us help you optimise the performance and lifespan of your Hamworthy air compressor.