Energy – Power Plants

Being by far the most critical industry worldwide and the very foundation of the global economy, the Energy sector has never been so demanding and challenging.

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies and always striving for cost-effective yet productive and reliable solutions, power plants must comply with strict regulatory requirements and environmental and personnel safety directives while delivering maximum performance 24/7. In addition, energy production involves multipart machinery, specialised operations, and intricate processes.

Needless to say, how difficult this combination is, and how vital proper maintenance and repairs are in this regard. The efficiency of any power plant hinges on the smooth operation of its apparatus, which includes air compressors, fresh water generators, and centrifugal separation technology; this, in turn, depends on the quality and integrity of the spare parts used during downtime for maintenance and repairs.

This is where we step in.

ZEDMAR’s goal is to allow power stations to speedily restore and retain maximum efficiency at a reasonable cost, by designing and manufacturing alternative spare parts of O.E.M. specifications for:

In addition, we can perform repairs and maintenance for your air compressor, centrifugal purifier and fresh water generator at our facilities using ZEDMAR equivalent spare parts.

With almost four decades of experience in the aftermarket spare parts sector, we understand very well how challenging yet crucial the combination of peak performance and cost reduction is for any power plant.

That is why we provide top-quality alternative spare parts you can trust.

Boasting leading-edge production lines, rigorous quality control procedures, years of experience, and a team of certified and highly skilled technicians, we guarantee that the alternative spare parts your power station needs will be of exceptional quality, swiftly shipped, and reasonably priced.