commitment to prime quality and precision

The design and production of equivalent spare parts of O.E.M. specifications pose several challenges — especially for ZEDMAR, a firm well-known for its commitment to prime quality.

Alternative spare parts must feature design precision, flawless functionality, and certain quality specifications to deliver high performance and restore operation of the unit they have been developed for, be it a marine air compressor, a centrifuge separator/centrifugal purifier, or a fresh water generator.

In addition, sectors and industries that widely use this type of machinery and technology, i.e. maritime transportation, shipping companies, off-shore and land-based oil drilling, energy production etc., demand high productivity at all times, minimal delays, and cost-efficient solutions that will endanger neither their staff nor their profitability.

Experience, Expertise, Excellence

Comprised of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the production of aftermarket spare parts, ZEDMAR understands these challenges very well and has what it takes to face and overcome them.

experience, expertise, excellence

Mastering expertise, know-how, and state-of-the-art technology, we have developed production lines that create air compressor spare parts of O.E.M. specifications you can trust; components that will restore your productivity while reducing maintenance and repair costs; and technological solutions that will minimise downtime delays and eradicate malfunctions and misfits. 

Investing systematically in high-tech computer numerical control (CNC) machinery and 3D computer-aided design technology, as well as in talented people with a passion for reverse engineering, ZEDMAR has established a solid reputation in the market as a dependable provider of high-quality equivalent spare parts for

Key to this development is our thorough quality control procedure while our Research & Development department keeps up with the technological evolution and incorporates them in our production line.

That’s how we make sure that each and every spare part we produce will perform impeccably.