Top-Quality Centrifuge Separator Spare Parts at Competitive Rates

Alternative Spare parts for Alfa Laval & Gea Westfalia Centrifugal Separators

Centrifuge separators, also known as centrifugal separators, have been widely used for decades in several major industries to separate particles or substances of different densities in a liquid or gas medium.

Utilising centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to achieve the separation, a centrifugal separator plays a crucial role in the marine industry, especially in oil drilling ships and rigs, as well as land-based drilling facilities and power plants — all sensitive installations that operate on 24/7 basis and require optimal performance at all times. Hence, maintenance and repairs always pose a serious challenge.

ZEDMAR designs, develops and provides separator spare parts worldwide that are fully compatible with any Alfa Laval and Gea Westfalia unit, utilising the latest technological breakthroughs in the field and decades of experience.  

Featuring O.E.M. specifications and impeccable functionality, our separator spare parts are offered at competitive prices, drastically reducing maintenance and repair expenses for the owner. Furthermore, our speedy shipments minimise downtime, reducing losses and ensuring the fastest possible operation of your installation. 

Spare Parts for the Greatest Centrifuge Separator Manufacturers Worldwide

Our goal is to provide you with perfectly functioning equivalent spare parts of O.E.M. specifications for your Alfa Laval or Gea Westfalia separator. To do that, we make sure they replicate the components of the original maker in terms of materials, dimensions, and operation and allow your unit to reclaim optimal performance. 

ZEDMAR will quickly ship any separator component you need for all models of the two leaders of the industry today.

Available Separator Parts

Our stock includes all primary and secondary spare parts of Gea Westfalia and Alfa Laval separators, from whole units (reconditioned and overhauled) and centrifuge separator bowls to seal rings, valve plugs, and flat belts, all in full compliance with the original specifications and international quality standards, as well as support and service kits.

Fast Dispatch, Zero Delays

Housing such a vast and recurrently restocked inventory allows us to respond instantly to any order and ship your order with zero delays – often within 24 hours from the initial inquiry.  

Our storage facilities are specially designed to safely store our separator spare parts and preserve them in an excellent operating state.

Cost-Effectiveness & Reliable Service  

ZEDMAR’s aftermarket separator spare parts are designed and manufactured with a single major goal in mind: to allow you to resume your operations as soon as possible at the same level of productivity at the lowest possible cost.

Providing equivalent separator spare parts at much lower rates than the original ones, we offer you a way to reduce maintenance and repair costs without endangering your installation’s productivity.

Available at all times, our aftermarket Alfa Laval and Gea Westfalia spare parts undergo a rigorous quality control procedure that ensures their structural and functional integrity, resilience, and faultless performance.


All of our separator spare parts are covered by warranty and come with the necessary certifications.  

After-Sales & Maintenance Services

Moreover, using our own spare parts, we can perform any repair or maintenance to your separator unit at our premises. Our specialised crew of engineers will make sure that your unit will be returned to its optimum operational state as fast as possible.

Why Us?

Long story short, because we adhere to a set of corporal values that brought us to the top of our industry.

  • Quality control: Delivering top-quality separator spare parts that fully cater to your needs always remains our top priority.
  • Dependability: Honouring our agreements and sticking to our shipping dates have shaped ZEDAMR’s reputation as a dependable worldwide supplier of separator spare parts.
  • Customer-oriented service: Keeping you satisfied is, for us, the best possible promotion of our firm.

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