The Oil Industry is justifiably considered among the most challenging in the energy sector. Aside from facing extensive and rather strict regulatory and environmental compliance requirements, the Oil industry continually strives for technological advancements to improve its efficiency and reduce operational costs and environmental impacts.

Its complex and high-risk operations involve complex processes, among which drilling and refining, which often take place in challenging environments. Managing such operations requires advanced technology, strict safety protocols, and regular maintenance that ensure operational integrity while mitigating its considerable costs. 

Our goal is to help you in achieving that goal. Centrifugal separators are used in almost every aspect of offshore and land-based oil drilling, from creating fluids at marine mud plants to reducing drilling waste or oily water and cleaning water on rigs, performing numerous utility functions.

ZEDMAR has been providing the Oil Industry with equivalent spare parts of O.E.M. specifications for:

We also repair and maintain such units using our alternative spare parts of O.E.M. specifications.

Having a deep understanding of the challenges companies face in this highly competitive niche, ZEDMAR offers high-quality alternative spare parts you can trust.

Our cutting-edge production lines, stringent quality control procedures, vast experience, and specialised engineers make sure that the equivalent spare parts you require will be delivered to you speedily, at competitive prices and with exceptional manufacturing quality.